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TV Awards

PollDeck has been very instumental in supporting the Television Awards Ghana in running an SMS voting system for two conservative years. Television stations are assaigned special keywords to corespond with the various categories they have been nominated. The stations advertise for their audience to vote by sending the keyword(s) to an assaigned short code.

Vote compilations are processed by PollDeck in realtime and a public URL of the analytics page is shared with all TV stations to allow them monitor their performance in the public voting segment. During the grand final event, the results are projected for all to see after voting has eneded. This system is clean and devoid of any human interfearance.

Digital Launch

When Uniliver decided to intrduce the Rexona Deodorant into the Ghana Market, it contacted a digital marketing company to run a Digital Campaign on their behalf. PollDeck was very instrumental in this campaign. PollDeck was used to run a simple but useful and sueccessful poll to generate unique codes to participants. The Poll read "Which Deodorant is coming to Ghana?". It had three options which included Rexona Deo.

Once a participant selected the Rexona Deo option, they automatically receive a unique code. This code was advertized as the entry code to the Rexona Do More Concert held at the Accra Sports Stadium. Once you select the wrong option, you receive a notification of same and are asked to try again in the next hour. Over 20,000 unique mobile subscribers participated in the polls and formed a fun based database for future advertisement.

Radio Awards

Zabzugu Limited initiated the Northern Radio Awards and wanted a means to collate votes from radio listners in the Northern Region without human interfearance. The general and traditional process is to have people send names of their favorite radio stations and radio personality to a short code, download vote data into Excel and run pivot system in Excel to generate a leaderboard for each category.

This is a laborous process and has a higher probability of making mistakes and introducing some form of favoritism. A campaign similar to that of Television Awards Ghana was created. Each category was given a unique alphabet and each nominee a unique number. For instance Best Radio Station could have Category 'A' and a nominated radio station could have the number '1'. to vote for this radio station the public sends the keyword 'A1' to an assaigned short code.

The votes are received in real-time by PollDeck and also analyzed in real-time. As the votes comes in, the analytics page collates and visualizes the results in various graphs. A unique results URL or web link is generated for the campaign to allow for the public and nominees to see in real-time how they were doing in the campaign.

Should there be any disputes in the campaign, PollDeck allows raw data to be downloaded and re-analyzed for further checks.

Data & Feedback Collection

PollDeck is built with several capabilities - such capabilities includes Data Collection and Feedback Responses. Banks in Ghana have used the application to collect data from their customer; mostly to update their contact details.

Other financial institutions have used PollDeck's feedback capability to run special surveys on client satisfaction on services being offered clients. It has prooven to be more efficient than the traditional phone call to report of service satisfaction to top management.