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The Application Mobile Survey & Polling Platform with Real-time Analytics

Measure Brand Equity

Get closer to the truth of each brand moment; Measure the knowledge and perception consumers have of your brand.

Customer Feedback

Measure the reality of your business; Gather customer’s honest opinion about your business, product or service.

Impact Assessments

Track the outcomes of project activities, marketing campaigns, new policies; receive and analyze real-time responses from participants.

Public Voting

Show of hands is way too tame; Setup a public voting campaign for reality shows, entertainment awards, lecture responses, stadium polls.

PollDeck: More than just Polls

PollDeck is an online web application that features intelligent tools for creating Polls and Surveys.

Requiring no special hardware or software, you can create polls or surveys in just a few seconds. Your audience may respond through multiple channels; by sending an SMS to a short code, by calling a USSD service code, or by responding online; the results are updated in real-time.

Responses are presented graphically in multiple graph formats; line graph, bar graph and pie chart. PollDeck offers an option to download raw response data for further analysis.

Simple online application with a lot more advantages;

  • Several question types
  • Multiple response channels
  • Generate "highest" or "fastest" texter reports
  • Host multiple campaigns
  • Customizable auto-response

Features Why Choose PollDeck

  • Channels

    Multiple messaging channels; SMS, USSD & WEB.

  • Reports

    Live & downloadable basic and advance reports.

  • Analytics

    Realtime analytics on user dashboard.

  • Public Dashboard

    Realtime analytics dashboard for public viewing.

  • Reward System

    You may reward poll & survey participants with airtime etc.

  • DB Storage

    Database storage up to six months on your user account.

Create Campaign

Setup campaing details, date and channel

Publish Campaign

Share via Bulk SMS, Social Media, Webpage

Receive Responses

Get data via USSD | SMS | WEB

See Graphical Analysis

See results in Charts - Line | Bar | Pie

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Email : support@polldeck.com
Phone : +233 (0) 302-948-812

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